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Certification Test

MMA conducts certification testing to ensure that products comply with MECHATROLINK specifications. MMA members display the MECHATROLINK certification logo on their products that have been approved by MMA to show compliance with MECHATROLINK specifications.

The Range of the Certification Test

A certification test is performed in a limit of MECHATROLINK specifications prescribed by the product specification of the product under test. The characteristics that the product under test originally has, such as the functions, the performances, the reliability, etc. are not the subjects to examine in the certification test. Each manufacturer must guarantee them. Moreover, the conformity authorization with MECHATROLINK specifications is effective only to the version of the hardware and software when taking the certification test. When a version changes, another certification test is needed as a general rule.

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What Certification Test Covers

The certification test includes the following items.

  • Verification of MECHATROLINK communications circuit and components
  • Noise resistance
  • MECHATROLINK communication compliance
  • Interconnectability

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MECHATROLINK Logo for Certification

Products displaying the MECHATROLINK certification logo assure users that those components can be easily and safely connected without compatibility issues.

MECHATROLINK Logo for Certification
MECHATROLINK Logo for Certification

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Application for Certification Test