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MECHATROLINK has acquired SEMI E54.19 standard certification

The MECHATROLINK Members Association has been aggressively promoting compliance with international standards to globalize MECHATROLINK, characterized by its open network. Semiconductor and electrical equipment manufacturers, including PLC and servo manufacturers formed and registered a task force for SEMI Japan, and have been working toward acquiring certification under the SEMI E54 Standard since April 2006. MECHATROLINK was approved for SEMI E54.19 standard certification on January 18, 2007 as a result of SEMI electronic voting.
SEMI E54 is a standard for Sensor/Actuator Network Communication which offers certification to companies using open networks and reduced wiring systems. We are the first Japan-based group in the motion control network field to be certified for the standard. A revised CD-ROM version of the standard was published in English in March 2007. A Japanese version is expected for release sometime this summer.
Now that MECHATROLINK complies with the SEMI Standard, semiconductor and liquid crystal industry manufacturers can easily incorporate MECHATROLINK into their systems. By using SEMI E54-compliant interfaces, problems resulting from specification differences with networks and with devices connected to the networks are minimized. Moreover, it is expected that the use of MECHATROLINK as a standard for semiconductor/liquid crystal production device transfer and drive and I/O device control will be further promoted in these industries.
We hope that MECHATROLINK, which is becoming a defacto standard for Japan's original motion control networks, will be used in other global industries as well as the semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing industries. MMA plans to promote compliance with other standards to accelerate the globalization of MECHATROLINK.

The relationship between SEMI 54 and MECHATROLINK The relationship between SEMI 54 and MECHATROLINK

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