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Dec. 6, 2007

Report on Motion Control Show 2007 (Seoul)

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The MECHATROLINK Members Association (MMA) participated for the first time in the Motion Control Show held in Seoul, Korea from October 10 to 12. The show attracted 10,000 people, and the MECHATROLINK booth welcomed a number of visitors. We exhibited motion control products such as controllers and servomotors, motion mechanism equipment, including bearings and LM guides, and sensor and peripheral devices such as vision sensors, cameras, LEDs, and switches.

This was the first time the MMA has participated in an exhibition in Korea. Visitors learned about "Open Motion Network MECHATROLINK" and came away with a new understanding of the technology.

PHOENIX CONTACT Development & manufacturing Inc., OMRON Corporation, LS Industrial Systems Co., Ltd., ANYWIRE CORPORATION, MYCOM, INC., Hanmi Semiconductor. Co., Ltd., CONVEX CO., Ltd., Tyco Electronics AMP K.K., YASKAWA CONTROLS CO., LTD., and YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION, all are members of the MMA, participated in the exhibition and successfully introduced and promoted MECHATROLINK compatible products to a wide range of people.

Visitors showed a great interest in MECHATROLINK-III, and are looking forward to future developments.

MMA exhibits

MMA exhibits