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Feb. 16, 2010


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MMA Technical seminar was held in Tainan, Taichung, and Taipei from February 3(Wed) to 5(Fri). In the seminar, we explained about MMA activities and trend in product, specification and feature of M-Ⅱ/M-Ⅲ, compared with others network, and merits of MECHATROLINK.
Also, Art Control Systems, Inc. (System integrator) explained the detail about merits of using MECHATROLINK for machine which only MECHATROLINK can realize, and advantage to the machine.
We explained that the control by MECHATROLINK is going to be a further trend.
The seminar was successfully finished with many attendees.
We appreciate for all customers who attended to our seminar.

The MECHATROLINK Members Association will continue to make all out efforts to further promote MECHATROLINK.