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Membership Benefits

Become a member and get all this!

  • Get MECHATROLINK specifications from the MMA website.
  • Technical support for product development.
  • Promotion assistance for MECHATROLINK-compliant products developed by members.
  • Joint presentation of products by members at exhibitions.
  • Testing for compliance and certification.
  • Get our newsletter by e-mail listing the latest MECHATROLINK information.
  • Be able to purchase connector kit and assemble cables.
  • Participate in MECHATROLINK conferences and developer seminars.

People who truly benefit from membership:

  • Develop controllers that can implement various types of motion control after being connected to MECHATROLINK products.
  • Increase business by developing MECHATROLINK-compliant devices.
  • Gain an advantage over competitors by developing motion-control products with the latest MECHATROLINK technology.
  • Development of MECHATROLINK-compliant products and testing of these products for MECHATROLINK compliance and certification.
  • People who use MECHATROLINK products but would like to have a greater technical understanding of the protocol.